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git-rewrite-branch: --svn was in the usage text twice.
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set -eE
-USAGE='[-h|-v|--no-tag|--tag=tag] <in-branch> <out-branch> <filters>...'
+USAGE='[-h|-v|--no-tag|--tag=tag|--svn] <in-branch> <out-branch> <filters>...'
LONG_USAGE='Like filter-branch, but can be used to update branches.
This creates or updates <out-branch> from <in-branch>. If <out-branch> already
@@ -22,13 +22,12 @@ does not need to be edited.
-h Show this text
-v Be more verbose
- --svn Use an existing "git-svn-id" instead of "git-rewrite-id"
- (in-branch was generated by git-svn)
--tag=<tag> Use the exiting <tag> as found in <in-branch>, instead of
the commit hash.
--no-tag Disregard a previous "--tag="; set "git-rewrite-id" to
the commit hash.
- --svn An alias for "--tag=git-svn-id"
+ --svn An alias for "--tag=git-svn-id" (use if <in-branch> was
+ generated by `git-svn`).
<filters> is passed directly to `git filter-branch`, and therefore has the same