AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-19glstashLuke Shumaker
2018-03-19Use requirejs to load JS modules; use yarn to get requirejsLuke Shumaker
2018-03-19begone with unneeded 3rd partiesLuke Shumaker
2018-03-17fix cfg locationsLuke Shumaker
2018-03-17jarmon-dependenciesLuke Shumaker
2018-03-17add jarmon as a submoduleLuke Shumaker
2018-03-17directoriesLuke Shumaker
2018-03-17add file to install depsLuke Shumaker
2018-03-14don't watch team4272.comLuke Shumaker
2017-11-20xLuke Shumaker
2017-11-20config-sockets: track mav IMAPLuke Shumaker
2017-08-16tls-getcerts: timeout TCP R/W after 5 sec.Luke Shumaker
2017-04-09remove old hackLuke Shumaker
2017-03-21better layout on bigger screensLuke Shumaker
2017-03-21fix socket configLuke Shumaker
2017-02-10tls-getcerts: status updates on stderrLuke Shumaker
2017-02-10learn SMTP STARTTLSLuke Shumaker
2017-02-07Slightly change the color of the daily date colors.Luke Shumaker
2017-02-07jarmon: re-add the range previewLuke Shumaker
2017-02-07Add graphs for Winston.Luke Shumaker
2017-02-06Makefile: go dependsLuke Shumaker
2017-02-06*-pem2html: Correctly render empty cells (made possible by recent changes)Luke Shumaker
2017-02-06Move some go stuff into a shared 'util'.Luke Shumaker
2017-02-06Tidy go color interpolation.Luke Shumaker
2017-02-06gofmtLuke Shumaker
2017-02-06Correctly deal with failing to get a cert (eg: because of a timeout)Luke Shumaker
2017-02-06gofmtLuke Shumaker
2017-02-06Colorize the last-updated timestamps with JS.Luke Shumaker
2017-02-01Hopefully now Andrew's certs are under control; only hide the old ones.Luke Shumaker
2016-12-28Track Andrew's certs to avoid phone calls late at night.Luke Shumaker
2016-12-28mv jarmon-config.js config-jarmon.jsLuke Shumaker
2016-12-13Add jarmon graphing for Proton.Luke Shumaker
2016-11-21fixLuke Shumaker
2016-11-21tidy cssLuke Shumaker
2016-11-21unify htmlLuke Shumaker
2016-11-21I don't like that socket syntaxLuke Shumaker
2016-11-21.gitignore: oopsLuke Shumaker
2016-11-21tls-getcerts: add xmpp <starttls> supportLuke Shumaker color the NotBefore column greenLuke Shumaker
2016-11-21shorten the tableLuke Shumaker
2016-11-21derp, i am dumLuke Shumaker
2016-11-21better time formatting/markupLuke Shumaker
2016-11-19tls-pem2html: s/Link/Url/gLuke Shumaker
2016-11-19{crtsh,tls}-pem2html: use the timestamp of input for 'now'Luke Shumaker
2016-11-19fix handleBoolLuke Shumaker
2016-11-19separate diff logic from templatingLuke Shumaker
2016-11-19diff: better stylingLuke Shumaker
2016-11-19change order of boxesLuke Shumaker
2016-11-19show everything at onceLuke Shumaker
2016-11-19diff htmlLuke Shumaker